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Innovative Ways To Help Fat Loss
If you have been trying your best to eat healthy and feel like you could do with a little push in the right direction then this post is for you. By simply adding certain … -Cinnamon: Adding cinnamon to your morning porridge can make it delicious but …
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Carlisle woman hypnotised into thinking she'd had gastric band fitted
Pauline was diagnosed as diabetic a decade ago and has been taking medication for most of that time to control her blood sugar levels, including injections for the last 18 months. But losing weight has led to her being able to stop her diabetic injections.
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Stress Linked to Early Death
The men in the study group had no previous history of diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Stress levels were rated on a six-point scale indicating no stress, periodic stress or permanent stress over a 35-year period. The researchers, taking into account …